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I’m Renee Bhatia. Welcome!

What does it mean to be fully human – connected to the divine, living purposefully and creatively? I have spent my life giving shape and living into these questions, and helping others do the same. I am a spiritual director and expressive arts facilitator, working with individuals and groups, both online and in person. I am also involved in the formation of spiritual directors and expressive arts facilitators through teaching, supervision, and mentoring.


I explore contemplative spaces and practices that support healing, growth, and transformation. My practice has been shaped by Benedictine spirituality and its tradition of hospitality, prayer, concern for the common good, and care for creation. I have also been deeply influenced by seekers of other faith traditions and extend an inclusive welcome to all who are exploring the meaning of human experience.


I believe that creativity is an inherent part of being human and that the world is a better place when we allow it to flourish in everyone.

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I value education and am grateful for my own:


Though I work independently, I am connected and accountable to colleagues and mentors, especially through:

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